0.4X Cinema Quality Fish-Eye Lens for The Sony NEX-FS700R (49mm)


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Price: $295.00
(as of Feb 15, 2024 13:21:10 UTC – Details)

This lens is for extreme and dramatic shots. This Item Includes: Lens, Lens Cap, Lens Bottom Cover, Lens Pouch, Stepping Ring (Note: This lens can only be used with one of Sony’s 49mm, 58mm or 62mm threaded lenses)
The 0.4X Super Fisheye Adapter provides an extreme fisheye effect and a high degree of barrel distortion without vignetting
It exaggerates depth by pulling nearby objects closer and causing distant objects to recede into the horizon. Advances in high-index / low-dispersion optical glasses, new barrel materials, and anti-reflection coatings, along with the latest in computer-aided-design / computer-aided-manufacturing
Crystal optics AR coating reduces light loss and flare to less than 1% per surface
BAB (Internal Black Almite Barrel) Black matte satin finish which reduces reflections. BRG (Black Rimmed Glass) Reduces the chance of light reflecting off the edge.

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